Up-cycling a men’s shirt into women’s wear

Turning the embroidered menswear trend on its head, we gave a basic mens button-down shirt a multicolored makeover with some embroidery stitches. Read more

DIY Mullet hem jeans are the new “in” thing!

First there were boot cut jeans, then the skinny jeans, then the ripped jeans and now the mullet hem jeans. We are using the word mullet again. Yes I know it’s hard to believe that we use the word mullet again after the short at the front and long at the back (high low) dresses, skirts started to vanish few seasons ago. Fashion month was exciting all of us were waiting to see new trends, it gives us the chance to see trends in a new light. We saw that some of the mini trends are back in the recent shows at New York, London, Milan and Paris during fashion weeks. We saw mullet jeans are back in trend and British Vogue confirmed that in their august issue. Read more