DeborahBorn and raised in Sri Lanka, Bringing reality into longevity I found my pathway In Fashion Designing at an early stage stepping forth in LIFT to be molded in my career. Fashion always has a practical utilitarian purpose. When inspiration strikes into a designer’s diary, it is a powerful force that its recipient has little control over but has a strong vision in order to develop and design an extravagant collection – for my last collection (graduation collection) I was inspired by “The Heart of a Golden Jewel”. The genuine affection, love and the warmth of a mother was executed through the bond between a family – mother – life – love and the relationship between how the mother molds her child into a life of principles along with fashion.

Having mentioned that, I am currently working on my next collection for S/S18 – kids wear under the inspiration of a life of a street kid who desires for a better life collaborated with “the song” – chandelier by Sia, Teenage alcoholism, substantial abuse and partying to excess. I’m also working on my own design project for Victoria’s Secret and Nike as a design intern at Stretchline Pvt Ltd– MAS Holdings. Fashion Journalism has also captured my attention and not only have I achieved abundantly at a young age but I’ll also be launching my very own book in 2018 following the title “fashion and food”.